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How to Easily Create Awesome (and Cheap) Dessert Platters and Cake Stands

diy party dessert platter cake stand tutorial

Have you  gone shopping for a cake stand or dessert platter recently? Well, I did since lil miss was turning one…and I HAD TO HAVE A PARTY 🙂 because that is just how I roll. I scoped out Target, Walmart, and Amazon. You know what…not one had a dessert platter or cake stand for less than $15.00…and you can bet it sure did not match my décor scheme. Oh and with that price, I couldn’t buy multiples either, which I would surely need for my dessert table plans I had in mind 🙂 That means I had some seriously big dessert plans!

This is where I took matters into my own hands. I came up with a way to make 5, yes 5, platters for a little more than 3 dollars each. And this was with buying cans of spray paint, which will last for many more projects to come. If I already had the paint at home, or if I actually calculated the price to make the platters based on the amount of paint I used from the can, the price to make each platter would be even lower! Oh yeah, and even better, these platters matched my décor and color scheme perfect..

Where to Buy the Most Economically Priced Materials to Build Dessert Platters and Cake Stands

The first thing you will need to do to whip these little guys up, is take a trip to the dollar store. I purchased candle holders, and platters. Another good place to find large, good quality platters is Michael’s or A.C.Moore, especially after holidays. I scored some platters from their Christmas clearance. They were a buck each, and really ugly, but I didn’t care because I knew I was going to paint them anyways!

I then took my endeavors over to Walmart. It is the cheapest place I have found to purchase spray paint. You can customize these platters in a variety of ways, just by the paint you choose.I got the colors I wanted, which happened to be bright spring colors. Rustoleum has some awesome finishes, like metallic if you are after a faux metal look, or the looking glass finish, which provides a mirrored surface! Both super cool. See, the possibilities for your platters really are endless!

diy party dessert platter cake stand tutorial supplies


Step-by-step Guide to Creating Designer Cake and Dessert Platters in Less Than 15 Minutes

Now that we have our supplies, the most important step is to prepare the items for painting. I used rubbing alcohol and wiped down each platter and candle holder. They need to be very clean so the paint will adhere and there are no little texture bumps. Items from the dollar store can be dusty some times, so this step really is critical to obtaining a beautiful finished product.

Next, I go down into the scary cave below my house, OK, actually its our basement! I have set up a board as my painting station. It is not anything glamorous, as you will see in the pictures, but it does the job. Not to mention, it is going to get covered in paint. 🙂 Make sure your work area is clean and free of any dust particles, dirt etc. Also make sure you lay a painters tarp on the floor under your work surface. Let’s just say, I may have forgotten to do this in the past one or two times, and the mister was not very happy about my over spray….

Place the items to be painted on your work surface. I started by spraying the candle stick. Apply an even coat of paint. More the spray can in a wisping motion. You do not want to make thick layers of paint. That gives the potential for drips. It is much better to do multiple thin coats. I walk around the candle holder as I paint it to make sure I have painted all the crevices. You only need to paint the exterior of the holder.


Once the first coat of paint on the candle holder is complete, spray the platter, either the same color or an accent color. Whatever is your preference. Again, use the same wisping motion for the paint application Thick coats of paint are not your friend! I am talking from experience here people!

diy party dessert platter cake stand tutorial painting

Now, go back and do another coat on the candle holder. Repeat, going back and forth between the two pieces until a total of three light coats of paint have been applied. Do a final once over and make sure the items have even coverage. If there are any thin spots add a little more paint.

Let the items dry, at least over night. You could go back and paint the bottom side of the platter now if you want. No one was going to see my bottom side, so I did not bother to do that.

diy party dessert platter cake stand tutorial drying

Once everything is dry, put hot glue on the top of the candle holder and place the painted platter on top of the candle holder. Make sure the platter is centered. Firmly press the platter onto the candle holder and continue to hold for about two minutes.

Set your platter aside and let the glue cool completely. I recommend not to use your  platter for at least another hour, however, it is now fully assembled and ready for use.

diy party dessert platter cake stand tutorial painting


Display and Usage Tips for Your New Cake Stands and Dessert Platters

I have a few platter tips that I want to share with you since you are making these bad boys to help up your platter game even more!

    -Use a doily to dress up the platter and make it look a little more fancy

    – A doily is also great if you have concerns about the food directly touching the painted surface ( I recommend serving

      things that are already in wrappers on these platters, such as cupcakes, mini pastries, cakes, etc)

    -To create the illusion of various height platters, place Styrofoam blocks under some of the platters. I was able to do this

     and hide the Styrofoam in my decor so no one even noticed I had given them a little lift.

    -For a different look, glue 2 completed platters together to obtain a multi-tier platter. These look great with mini cupcakes!

And there you have it. An easy 15 minute project that is easy on the wallet and creates designer looking cake stands and serving platters! The best part about this tutorial is I love how customizable these platters are, making them so versatile for all types of decor.

Oh, P.S. If you need to make those unicorn and cloud cookies (and don’t we all :)), the tutorial is here! And, the unicorn cupcake tutorial will be coming shortly, so stay tuned!


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Thrifty Thursday: Swap.com for Affordable Kids Clothes

affordable children clothing from thrift store

Have you heard? Raising kids is EXPENSIVE! Especially when you make it your mission in life to be your tiny human’s professional stylist. It’s a tiring job (and super rewarding), but someone has to do it! Well, do I have news for you! I have found an amazing resource for kid clothing; the online consignment store Swap.com.

Let me tell you a little bit about this treasure trove. This site allows you to sell and purchase gently used clothing. Clothing does not have to be designer clothing, just in good condition. I find it to be super ideal for my daughter, who is outgrowing her clothes almost monthly.

Admittedly, at first, I was quite skeptical. I figured the clothing would not be in super great condition when I received it and I would be super disappointed. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I placed my first order, rather hesitantly, and when the clothes arrived I couldn’t believe all the high quality items I got for such a great price. I had purchased the tiny human four Gymboree outfits, a few items from Carters, and two Disney princess dresses (because of course we NEED princess dresses)!

The way the site works is you create an account, which you can do here. Once you have your account, you can browse through all their clothes. Daily updates of the inventory keep your options open and there is always something new to discover.

There are great search filters on Swap.com to help you find just what you are looking for. You are able to search by gender, season, brand, size, type of clothing and price. Swap.com doesn’t only offer kids clothes; they also offer teen and adult clothing. Granted I haven’t purchased any of that just yet, it is available.

I did just order my first shipping label from Swap.com and am excited to sell some of my tiny human’s clothing that has gotten a little too snug on her. I love the selling options this company offers too! Not only can you sell your items for cash, you can also trade items or donate items to charity if they don’t sell. Oh, and speaking of not selling, if your items do not sell after a certain time frame Swap.com will buy the items. It may not be as much as you were hoping to get for the item, but it sure beats not getting anything at all for those used clothes!

I highly recommend this site and see that it will be saving me a great deal of money in the years to come. I love browsing the site and picking out new outfits. Seriously, I get lost browsing on Swap.com for hours. All the clothes I purchased looked brand new and super stylish. To be honest, most of the clothes I have bought (Calvin Klein, Baby Guess, and Baby Gap) I would never pay retail for knowing the short time frame the little lass will be wearing them. This site makes the prices reasonable and I still get to reveal in the glory of all those comments about how  I have the cutest and best dressed baby around! Yep, that sure is another momma win!

If you want to try out Swap.com I highly suggest you use my referral link .  The current promotion the site is offering is 20% off your first purchase. Also, if you connect your Facebook account certain items will become available for purchase at discounted prices.