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Ribbon Resources for Adorable and Affordable Ribbon

Ribbon Resources

Some of my favorite projects revolve around ribbon. They are so beautiful and  versatile. There are so many uses, colors, and styles out there these days. I can’t lie, I must confess, I am a ribbon hoarder.  That and glitter, I hoard that stuff, too, if I am being totally honest, but shhh don’t tell anyone 🙂  Oh yeah, and maybe sequins…and anything sparkly and shiny! With the Christmas season upon us, that is even more of a reason to get out the ribbon and everything that is glitzy and glimmers.

So I digressed slightly.  Anyways, I have tons of tutorials I am going to be posting in the next few weeks that incorporate ribbon… a little series I am calling the 12 Crafty Days of Christmas! That means, if you decide to test out some of my projects, you are going to need to score yourself some awesome ribbon. I want to make your life a little easier. So instead of you having to search around to find adorable ribbon for a great value, I did all the leg work for you!

Below I am listing my resource list for all my favorite stores to purchase ribbon and ribbon related accessories. Accessories include things like marabou poufs and trim, feathers, netting, elastics etc. I tend to use a lot of the accessory items in my hair bows I make for the little miss!

I have purchased from all of the companies listed and have had great experiences. Drum roll please:

These are my favorite online shops, and honestly the place I purchase the majority of my ribbon.

And a bonus, my favorite place to buy tulle for all your tutu needs! The Tulle Shop also carries ribbon. However, I have only purchased tulle from them

Next up, my favorite brick and mortar specialty stores. There are good deals  to be had if you shop these locations right. Specifically, I am talking about the chain craft stores:

  • Michaels
  • A C Moore
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Joann Fabrics

I like to purchase holiday ribbon from these shops. Specifically, I wait for the 20%or 30% off your entire purchase coupons to come around. Then, I try to buy the ribbon that is already on sale. This has worked great this past month. I bought a ton of Christmas ribbon at Michael’s that was 50% off and then I used my 30% off my entire purchase coupon. I basically stole that beautiful ribbon!

These stores have had the 30% off your entire purchase coupons two times in the past two months. They are usually only valid for 24 hours. I highly recommend signing up for their text notifications. There is always  a text the day they have an awesome sale. I just grab my craft supply list and run to the store. Yes, I keep a list of supplies I need, like a grocery list, so I can stock up when things go on sale.  Another great thing about these stores is that they match each other’s coupons!

A couple other brick and mortar stores that I frequent are:

  • Dollar stores
  • Walmart
  • Ocean State Job Lot

Now, these stores are very hit or miss. If I am there shopping for something else I might take a  quick peek and see if they have any ribbon that interests me. Sometimes you will strike gold, especially at the dollar store and job lot. I have a few times at both of these stores.

Finally, there is one other place I purchase ribbon. If you need to build your ribbon stash, and especially, if you don’t need large sections of ribbon I recommend checking out eBay. I have  purchased ribbon scrap bags. They are usually sold by weight . I have purchased 1 lb ribbon scrap bags and loved them. The particular bags I purchased were sorted by colors. I purchased bags of purple and silver scraps. Most pieces were at least 18 inches long. Which, was more than enough for my purposes. I love the scrap bags because they allow for lots of variety in my little lady’s hair bow while keeping the costs down.

Ribbon scrap bags are also available on Etsy, but the price is usually significantly higher. I suggest sticking to eBay for them. The downfall of these scrap bags is that they are grab bags. So you have no idea what will be inside. That being said, most sellers have decent pictures of the item so you can get a general ideal.

A few of the online boutiques also offer the ribbon grab bags. They seem like they are a good value, but I have not purchased any, yet. 🙂 I feel it may be in my near future though!

Well, there you have it. You have now been thoroughly updated on where I like to shop for all my ribbon needs. I would love to add to my reference list, so if you have a great source let me know!


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