cake smash backdrop party decor

DIY Cake Smash Backdrop: Quick, Easy, & Cheap

cake smash backdrop party decor

Little miss just turned one and I had to throw her an EPIC party. I choose a unicorn theme and it was fabulous. All my mommy friends out there told me that the thing to do on my little’s first birthday is a cake smash. I loved that idea. It’s messy…….it’s crafty……it sounds perfect for me! Immediately I set to work to figure out the perfect cake smash backdrop to coordinate with my theme. In no time flat I came up with a stellar idea and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!

It’s too bad that the actual cake smashing was a flop. ¬†It was hard on this type-A momma, but I am learning to roll with the punches and unpredictability of kids more and more each day. ūüôā My little lady was overtired, had just woke up from a nap (yes she slept in the middle of her party) and wanted nothing to do with her cake! And definitely was not eating it! So instead she planted one knee in the cake momma had so painstakingly crafted for her to eat and destroy, as she climbed into my arms for cuddles, milk, and another nap. I guess technically she smashed it…just not exactly how I had envisioned the execution of it.

Ahhh, kids. I love my little miss and her HUGE personality. She wanted nothing to do with any of those cake festivities…but she sure did enjoy a unicorn cookie on a stick later! ūüôā All and all, she had a fabulous birthday and tons of fun, with or without a successful cake smash. ūüôā Now, let’s get you info on how to setup an easy cake smash backdrop for your little one’s birthday or next party!

Instructions for an Easy Cake Smash Backdrop:

Embracing my unicorn theme, I decorated the party using gold glitter and rainbow colors. I happened to be pursing amazon when I came across this awesome gold fringe. Once I saw that, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I ordered two that instant and started crafting the rest of the cake smash backdrop while waiting for delivery.  P.S. I love prime shipping!

When the gold fringe¬†arrived I taped it to the wall where we will cake smash. Previously, I¬†made tissue paper tassel garland, check out the tutorial here, in rainbow colors. I strung one up high (in case adults used the background for their own pictures prior to the cake smash) and another about one foot off the ground. I wanted it to be in the background of the photos when little miss was smashing away at her cake! Ahh… I had dreams….

cake smash backdrop party decor

Next, and this part is sheer genius, I took one ¬†rainbow table cloth (Spritz for Target) and folded it in half twice¬†and taped it to the floor. It made a festive little party cake smashing area and cleanup will be a breeze. See what I mean, sheer genius! ( I hate cleaning, so anything to simplify that is always a plus in my book!) This will be great for you momma’s who have kids that do smash up their cake ūüôā Here is a great close up of the floor with the table cloth taped down.

cake smash backdrop party decor

Those three simple elements, the gold fringe, tissue paper garland, and plastic tablecloth made for a beautiful festive scene to photograph little miss. I hope that you are able to use this tutorial for an easy to pull together a DIY cake smash backdrop. I would love to see how yours turns out.

I will leave you with this real life moment: ¬†the epic shots of our cake smash fail….now had there actually been cake smashing, the tablecloth would have made cleanup a breeze. Oh well, my princess looked cute even though she was mad!

cake smash backdrop party decor

Yes, that is mommy trying to coerce cake smashing…I was not successful…had she smashed the cake I would have shot photos from another angle, so just the background would have been in the photo….but at this point and time this was the furthest momma could get away from lil miss! The full on tantrum and screaming ensued immediately after this photo was snapped.:)

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cake smash backdrop party decor

My First Blog Feature: It’s the Little Things

Just a quick hello!

I am stopping in to share my excitement. I am a huge believer in celebrating the little moments in life. When it comes down to it, all those little moments are what make up our whole life, so why not celebrate them.

Today’s little moment was my very first feature. My post “How to Decorate a Unicorn Cake” was feataured by Kileen over at Raven Would.¬†I love her blogging style. Make sure to check her out! She ¬†is an awesome ¬†fellow DIY, craft, and recipe blogging enthusiast.¬†Catch her great link up party too, every Wednesday!

Well the little moments just keep on adding up this week! I just found out the lovely Carol at The Answer is Chocolate is also featuring my “How to Decorate a Unicorn Cake” at her blog party this week! Carol is another fab blogger who loves herself some arts, crafts and DIY projects. She also hosts a weekly linky party that is AWE-SOME! Make sure to check her out!

This has turned out to be a stellar blog week! Thank you to these wonderful party hosts for the features and all my readers for supporting the blog!

cake smash backdrop party decor

Well Hello There!

I want to welcome you to my little home here on the internet. I am so excited you are stopping by!!

Finally, I decided its time to start a blog. This year has been a huge year in my life and I just want to document and capture all of these amazing moments.  The most momentous event of my life occurred in February when I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I wanted to be a mommy for years, and now I am so fortunate and blessed to have my dream come true.

SOOOO.… here we are…. MY BLOG!!! ¬†SOOO EXCITED! ¬†You can expect updates on what is new in my life in mommy land, including figuring out this whole, ya know, “how to be a mom” thing, along with DIY, craft, holiday, sewing and home decor tutorials. Yeah, I might be a mommy, but that isn’t going to keep me away from that jar of glitter….In fact it just makes me want to use that glitter even more now! ¬†I have to decorate my little glitter girl, ya know!