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Well Hello There!

I want to welcome you to my little home here on the internet. I am so excited you are stopping by!!

Finally, I decided its time to start a blog. This year has been a huge year in my life and I just want to document and capture all of these amazing moments.  The most momentous event of my life occurred in February when I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I wanted to be a mommy for years, and now I am so fortunate and blessed to have my dream come true.

SOOOO.… here we are…. MY BLOG!!!  SOOO EXCITED!  You can expect updates on what is new in my life in mommy land, including figuring out this whole, ya know, “how to be a mom” thing, along with DIY, craft, holiday, sewing and home decor tutorials. Yeah, I might be a mommy, but that isn’t going to keep me away from that jar of glitter….In fact it just makes me want to use that glitter even more now!  I have to decorate my little glitter girl, ya know!