Thrifty Thursday: for Affordable Kids Clothes

affordable children clothing from thrift store

Have you heard? Raising kids is EXPENSIVE! Especially when you make it your mission in life to be your tiny human’s professional stylist. It’s a tiring job (and super rewarding), but someone has to do it! Well, do I have news for you! I have found an amazing resource for kid clothing; the online consignment store

Let me tell you a little bit about this treasure trove. This site allows you to sell and purchase gently used clothing. Clothing does not have to be designer clothing, just in good condition. I find it to be super ideal for my daughter, who is outgrowing her clothes almost monthly.

Admittedly, at first, I was quite skeptical. I figured the clothing would not be in super great condition when I received it and I would be super disappointed. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I placed my first order, rather hesitantly, and when the clothes arrived I couldn’t believe all the high quality items I got for such a great price. I had purchased the tiny human four Gymboree outfits, a few items from Carters, and two Disney princess dresses (because of course we NEED princess dresses)!

The way the site works is you create an account, which you can do here. Once you have your account, you can browse through all their clothes. Daily updates of the inventory keep your options open and there is always something new to discover.

There are great search filters on to help you find just what you are looking for. You are able to search by gender, season, brand, size, type of clothing and price. doesn’t only offer kids clothes; they also offer teen and adult clothing. Granted I haven’t purchased any of that just yet, it is available.

I did just order my first shipping label from and am excited to sell some of my tiny human’s clothing that has gotten a little too snug on her. I love the selling options this company offers too! Not only can you sell your items for cash, you can also trade items or donate items to charity if they don’t sell. Oh, and speaking of not selling, if your items do not sell after a certain time frame will buy the items. It may not be as much as you were hoping to get for the item, but it sure beats not getting anything at all for those used clothes!

I highly recommend this site and see that it will be saving me a great deal of money in the years to come. I love browsing the site and picking out new outfits. Seriously, I get lost browsing on for hours. All the clothes I purchased looked brand new and super stylish. To be honest, most of the clothes I have bought (Calvin Klein, Baby Guess, and Baby Gap) I would never pay retail for knowing the short time frame the little lass will be wearing them. This site makes the prices reasonable and I still get to reveal in the glory of all those comments about how  I have the cutest and best dressed baby around! Yep, that sure is another momma win!

If you want to try out I highly suggest you use my referral link .  The current promotion the site is offering is 20% off your first purchase. Also, if you connect your Facebook account certain items will become available for purchase at discounted prices.

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